The Bamboo Staff
Monkeywoman's constant companion, her bamboo staff is often more of a hindrance than a help. Monkeywoman won't hesitate to park it somewhere when she needs her hands free, and often loses it in the process. Fortunately she has unlimited replacements. Monkeywoman is only just learning to stick fight, and invariably causes damage to foes and any inanimate objects alike that get in the way of this "weapon of mass destruction." She whacks herself on accident a lot too.

The Bananas
Monkeywoman has a utility belt and leg holsters full of weapons (a gun, a grenade, smoke bombs and flash charges) and tools (parachute, grappling hook, Swiss army banana, etc.) disguised to look like ordinary bananas. Her weapons inventor has an uncanny way of always supplying her with exactly the right tools for whatever mission she embarks upon. Except for having a little difficulty telling her bananas apart (which can make for an awkward situation), Monkeywoman has never lacked for the solution to any problem with her handy bananas around. She also keeps one real banana on her belt for a snack.

The Amazon Vine
Monkeywoman went online and ordered a special vine from the rainforest from a rare type of tree that produces unusually strong plant fiber, making the vine lightweight and portable. But its most remarkable quality is the leaves, which (even when cut) have a sort of "memory" and can be trained to stick to any type of surface. Monkeywoman's vine will attach to any metal or plastic surface like an anchor, giving her the ability to use the vine to swing around the city. The vine also makes an excellent whip, or rope to tie up criminals with.

The Monkey Screech
Arguably Monkeywoman's only "natural superpower" - she has an abnormally loud, piercing voice when used with proper breathing and support. Monkeywoman discovered that her screech has incapacitating effects on her foes and adversaries (and friends too, oops), especially when used at close range or indoors. Also, although Monkeywoman is not infected herself, like many wild primates she carries rabies. If bitten by Monkeywoman, you'd best turn yourself into law enforcement and get to a hospital for your shots ASAP.